Friday, June 25, 2010

{Missing & Cooking}

Tonight I pretty much let Lily & Carson cook dinner. I let them do more
than ever as you can see.
You can also see Miss Sweet Lily instructing and
Buddy saying, " I got it, I got it".
Pretty Cute.
They put pork chops in egg and then dipped in French Fried Onions.
It is really tasty.
We sat down with Brad and ate.
Clayton is at a birthday party tonight.
I am missing my dear Elaine.
I did a little "Lake Lot Lookin'" again this afternoon.
Once again, I had no camera.
I am listening to the news now, and hear something about a bridge
in Poteau being named after an honorable man. . .
wondering if they will name it after him
and later retract
as they
seem to
in this little town.
I am excited for Grant & Rachel, as tomorrow they will be
united as one. What precious, precious people.

I am going to mosey on now. . .

Talk Later.

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