Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Mom of the Year. . . all day long}

My day started out today with the sound of suitcase wheels on the tile.
The Mr. Hobbs has another temporary duty assignment for a bit, so that means
single motherhood for a bit, no cooking, and furniture rearranging.
Here are a few scenes from Nana Marys 60th Birthday Party.

We got her a wallet and picture of the kiddos (pictures are always a good thing).
Nana Mary

Is Blue Bell Ice Cream not the best?
Buddy inside playing with Tootles
(the dog that was ours until this mean mom gave it to Brads sister, remember?).

Cousin Bryce

I held the goods while Clayton went swimming.

These must be great popcicles. Clayton has requested a trip to Sam's.

Aren't noodles the best?
They are one of those "Why didn't I think of that" things.

Cole, Connor, Clayton, & Britton
This is Romeo ~Tootles boyfriend.
Uncle Brian & The Mr. watching the Razorbacks.

Lily with Tootles, and when we were leaving she jumped in the car with us. . .
Now that will make you feel like "mom of the year" all day long. . .
Happy Birthday Nana!


Stacy Carter said...

I gave our dog to my sister and the boys beg for her back every time we see her. I understand!

gina said...

That makes me want a pool so bad!! Looks like a very fun time.