Monday, June 7, 2010

{Your turn, Mandi}

A Big Thank you to Mrs. M. Williams for keeping my kiddos last night!
(I need to yank my shirt up! Excuse me!)
Bless her heart. . . I know she was tired and probably on kid overload!
So Sorry Mrs. H. Goodwin about "Pooper"!
(Do I have pepper in my teeth?)
I have been trying to put forth a little more effort to try and get things in the correct order. . .
1. God
2. Spouse
3. Kids
Sometimes around here it can be. . .
1. God
2. Kids
3. Spouse
And sometimes it can be even worse!. . .
1. Kids
2. God
3. Spouse
or what about this. . .
1. Kids
2. Spouse
3. God
I didn't tell him, so 6 rolled around. . .6:15. . .6:30. . . so I called.
We left around 7. . . that's good, right?
Old home browsing. . . I adore 24th Street.
Tree lined.
Flags Flying.
Brick Road.
Then it was off to Lowes. . .that's what you do on a date. . .right? (Heather, wink)
I spied this tub.
Good night. . .
But. . . when we picked up. . .Clayton gave us the "behavior report".
Lily and Buddy had less than desirable behavior.
So, that is discouraging (not to mention embarrassing). . .
After some serious punishment, perhaps next time will go better. . .
Your turn, Mandi!
Thank you!


mom of 3 e's said...

Seriously, they were no trouble! They had a little sibling disagreement that they managed to resolve on their own. A toy that got put away due to the noise level and sis sleeping...not because they weren't minding :( I am so sad they got in trouble.

Shannon said...

Fun date! And, I am holding off on my bathroom re-do until I can get a tub like that! It may be years.....