Saturday, July 31, 2010

{I am just way weird}

Hello Friends.
I wish I had much great news to report. . . but actually, not so much.
I realized this week I am just as stubborn as my mother about not going to the doctor when needed. in.
a. little.
of. this
leftover from another illness. or. worse. someone elses illness.
I have done that for 2 weeks
and landed me nowhere else today
(technically yesterday, I am just up at 12:45 am)
but at the Dr office and bed. .
Strep Throat.
Pink Eye.
No joke!
What a nut ball! (Junie B. Jones word ~Love.)
Enough already about illness, I am a magazine lover.
Been a bit since I loved, loved a copy, actually I can recall, it was the
October 2009 of Country Living.
Adored it.
Still have it tucked away for rainy day browsing.
But Martha won a prize, in my book this month.
The Cover Alone is amazing.
I hung my Bulldog Flag to Celebrate. . . Back to School Time. Which isn't exactly
a celebration, but more like reality.
But I love Celebrations, so celebrate it is!
Celebrate new teachers.
Celebrate the coming of Fall {Pumpkins, of course}
and. for. certain.
to. celebrate.
freshly sharpened pencils.
Last but not least, Buddy captured this picture of me
starting the boat.
I think he was impressed with my driving.
I can throw folks from a tube like nobodies business.
As a matter of fact,
I enjoy it greatly.

Well, back to bed.
You might want to stay away from Maple Street.

Have you ever heard of anybody in history have all that at the same time???
I am just way weird.

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SheWolf said...

I learned how to drive our boat on the last lake trip and it was SO fun! I threw Richie off twice and LOVED every minute of it!!!