Thursday, July 8, 2010

{Around my Town}

Where have these houses been all my life?
This one is on Knoxville.
(the front faces opposite street so I cant snap the front w/o being arrested. . .but they have some seriously fabulous ivy)
and this one
is on Nashville.
I took notice because they look kinda' "lake-e" & "beach-e". . .
and you know


Katie said...

I was watching Big Brother someone is on there close to Greenwood. Huntington. I miss AR at times. I live in a area with many many houses. Except my house is out a little and we have a farm outside of our development so that is nice. I want a beach house!! Probably not right now but a house near a beach. I do like shade and trees too. How cute these houses are.

gina said...

I love exploring - doing pretty home drive-bys. I love homes set back far from the street - lots of trees. Homes with a history. Looks beautiful there.