Monday, July 5, 2010

{Heres to the Heros}

Last week (or was that the week before?)
we attended
"Hometown Heroes Salute".
How awesome is that?
You know patriotism runs through my veins, so this was right up my alley.

We are proud of our Dad.

He works. . . and works some more. . .and continues to work.

He technically is off every other weekend, but with "drill weekend" he technically works all but one. . .and usually something is always "going on". Which makes life great! Right?
(Nothing quite like getting 3 kids ready by yourself for church every week. . .which makes my job interesting. . .but we get it done, and are glad to).
We love our country.
We love our military.
We love military families.
Times in America are. . .frightening.
But. . .
We can be encouraged first and foremost that God is in control.
Regardless of the economy. . .
Regardless of the oil spill. . .
Shoe bombers. . .
The President. . .
We love our Freedom.
We love our flag.
We love our "Hometown Hero".

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