Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{Celebrating 10 before the 11}

Since my husband will be on a temporary duty assignment on Clayton's birthday we celebrated today. We had a really good time with all of his friends.
God has really blessed Clayton with such good friends.
They are all so special to our family.
10 fingers for 10 precious years. . . that have flown by.
I packed everyone a little lunch the night before.
and made cupcakes that tasted wonderful, but
weren't exactly beautiful.
Holding his ears because the party poppers were very loud!. . .and fun!
The donkey showed up at Clayton's party too. (at his request)
#15 turned him into "Uni-Donkey", which we thought was hilarious!!

I just about blew out my lungs and wet my pants!
Give the boys a pair of pantie hose, a baseball, and water bottles to knock down. . . priceless.
Apples. . . per Clayton's request also.
Some streamer fun! $1 Bingo Game from the Dollar Store.
Way Fun!

Bingo Champion!
A. Johnson & Sis
Checking out the bracelets. . .

Rounding 9, sliding into 10. . .
This "getting older" may seem to be "getting harder" too. . .
Just tough stuff sometimes. We said "No" to the main gift he wanted (Modern Warfare XBox Game). We also recently said "No" to Pittbull Football. We just really felt the need to protect our family time.
But. . .at this age. Saying "No" is hard, but I know we have done what is best for us (and him) at this time. . .even though its not the popular choice.
His Dad chose to buy him a hunting rifle, and hopefully they can get away and do some hunting together. Clayton and his friend Tristan were already talking about hunting together at his party.
I love you son.
and being your mother
brings me
much joy.
Happy "Double Digit" Birthday!
P.S. Clayton, I pray all of our "No's" will greatly enrich your life someday.

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Stacy Carter said...

Braxton keeps telling me how GREAT your cupcakes were! Thanks for having him over! Happy Birthday Clayton!