Sunday, August 15, 2010

{Instead of talking "Crap" about people, buy them toilet paper}

Over the Summer I experienced a few situations that REALLY
caused me to ponder Matthew 25. . .
(but it can actually happen on a daily basis. . .if you are real in tune)
I don't know if you are familiar with the passage, my pastor actually mentioned it in his sermon
a couple of weeks ago, but I read it on a regular basis, and am doing my
best to live it. It basically says. . .
When you think less of someone ~ You are thinking less of God.
When you think you are better than someone ~ You think you are better than God.
When you say something negative about someone ~ You are saying those words to God.

Now friend, if that isn't life changing. . . I don't know what is.

The tongue is very small, but ever so powerful. I don't care, folks, anyway you
slice the pie. . .words hurt.
And once you say it.
Unfortunately, the damage is done.

People need love.
They don't need anymore "Crap".
They don't need judged, they need prayer and a helping hand.

I am speaking to myself as I type this, but I also want to encourage whoever might take anytime to read this little blog. . .

If you can't have a "Girls Night Out" or whatever that doesn't glorify God. . . don't waste your time.
Stay home.
and bake cookies for your neighbor.

P.S. Thank you ever so much Shaina M. for the toilet paper!
McD's napkins out of the car console get old after about 2 days.


Katie said...

I like this Tonia!! Very true.

Wendy Buzbee said...

Great post Tonia! Thanks for sharing....encouraged me to go digging in to Matthew 25! Thanks girl! :-)

Sherry Drennan said...

So right on! Thanks for sharing. I can always stand to be reminded! Miss you, girl!

SheWolf said...

Thanks for this Tonia....I appreciate the message. We had a similar message at church on Sunday that was called "I want to know what love is..." I am going to post a bit on my blog about it--very motivating!