Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Cords & Candy Corn}

Today I have been at my desk working and eating candy corn.
You know what usually bugs the fire out of me?
But for some reason. . . these mess of cords hasn't bothered me.
This is my latest desk I have acquired to ad to my "desk collection". . .
Its old & I adore.
Sorry, I didnt clean up for ya'. . . perhaps next time.
It has the same old harp design on the legs.
On another note. . .
~ I put out some Fall/Halloween Books to read to the kiddos.
~I mailed my bills this month in lou of paying online. . . as in, I bought a book of stamps, wrote checks, and took them to the post office.
I think it makes bill paying seem more gratifying. Does that make sense?
~The Mr. is back on the day-shift, and I went to bed at 10:00 pm last night.
See? Miracles do still happen.
Talk Later.

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