Saturday, September 11, 2010

{Pergola ~ Mum ~ Tea Anyone?}

See these tools? They tell the story of the last 2 weeks of my life. They explain the blister on my left thumb, and I would also like to blame them for my communication issue. (no phone).
But, on the bright side. . .the backyard is coming along nicely.
Pergola is complete!
Lanterns are hung (Stacy are those the right ones?).
It ads so much shade. We need shade in our "naked-tree yard".
(Excuse the mess)
I have been planting shrubs and flowers.
We haven't decided on edging yet. . . so we are kinda' going backwards.
The Mr. bought me and sis the bird feeder (Now ain't that sweet?).
We tilled the soil, so it is a muddy mess right now. . .but it was much easier on the back.
Also, wanted to thank my sweet SW for my mum.
Is it not the dreamiest?
Its so big it has its own special "hair net".
Since I have been outside, the inside of the house is in a sad state.
Have a good day friends!
P.S. No phone till next week. . . Tea anyone?


Stacy Carter said...

The lanterns look awesome!!! It is beautiful!

SheWolf said...

I LOVE your patio do that yourself?