Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{Oh C'mon, That is so me!}

Today, I was reminded of why I blog. and.why.I.love.it.

So, here's to all you, "What is blogging?", "Never heard of it.", "I just dont have time to do stuff like that." Oh now, c'mon you know who you are. . . the haters.

I have been following Darby for awhile. She has one of those blogs where everything looks like a magazine. All bright and shiny. Sweet smelling. Perfect looking like ya' got your rose colored glasses on. . . but she is so real! and.today.her.post.made.me.laugh.out.loud.

I can sooooo relate to her "strong language". Oh now, c'mon dont judge me. Sometimes I feel like I have a constant news feed in my head saying "strong language".


Her texting mishaps!! Holy Cow. Texting for me has become like unplugging the iron, flushing the toilet, or putting down the garage door. Automatic. Like you do it, but have absolutely no recollection. You know your thumbs are just a' blaze, and then wonder, What did I just say??

Oh mercy! I needed a good laugh!

Love, Tonia

Shout out to Laura B. Thanks for reading!

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Laura said...

Ok here is to one of the best blogs I have ever read... Here is a shout out back at ya!! :) I love your blog and this is just a few reasons why.. You make me smile with all the kind things you post... Like all the sweet pictures you post on your page of your beautiful kids, your sweet friends and your beautiful family.. I have been reading your blog and some other home town peeps for a really long time and have just never posted a comment and I really can't even tell you why I haven't done so.. So I just wanted to say I am your newest follower and I will try my hardest to post comments from time to time..

Thanks Tonia!! *(wink wink)*