Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{We are officially not doing. . .}

anything. We passed on football. . . and then soccer rolled by us (which caused me to have a little trouble breathing for a couple of days, but I am okay), and now basketball sign-ups are upon us and no enrollment forms are in our pocession.
We are just enjoying. . . time. Doing nothing. We come home from school. Talk.
Eat. Talk some more. TV. Go outside. Eat some more. Read.
last night.
me and this little guy went for a walk.
We strolled around the football field. Tennis Courts (pitter patter).
and up the dark street by Collins house.
Clayton said, "Mom, are you scared?"
I replied, "No son, not as long as you are with me."
We carried on, as he walked a little taller.

It was devine.

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