Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{A Big Picture ~ George W.}

Did you see him on Oprah (yes, Christian people can watch Oprah)(although that's another post)? I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I felt as though I had a personal relationship with this man, like he was a friend to every American Citizen. . . and to see him speak again I realized how much I miss seeing and knowing that he was our President.

I was thrilled. . no, THRILLED he had an opportunity to set the record straight concerning Katrina. . . Chain of Command. . . 3 very important words that very harsh, uneducated people didn't understand or consider at the time.

Can't wait to read his book.

Wish I had a weekend pass to the Bush Home in Maine.

Wish he was still President.


Rachel said...

I love that we both blogged about him today!!! Did you see my post before you did this? Because if you didn't, then that would be awesome...and that could possibly mean that we are spending a lot of time together! :)

Rachel said...

So I just read your comment, guess I should have done that first? lol

Tonia Hobbs said...

I read u first, but way important enough to have 2 blog post! Well deserving man!

Anonymous said...

Tag your it! Come on over and check out my blog post Getting to Know Me!! Awesome post you have here as well. I love to stop by and read your blog so keep the post coming Tonia your know how to make a girl smile with all these post.