Friday, November 12, 2010

{Dogs & Burgers ~ Marvelous & Stunning}

Job is complete.
Mr. James & The Mr. finished Monday.
It looks really nice & tonight we had "dogs & burgers".
(I think it needs a big vase with sunflowers? or something?)
(I'll figure it out)
I am also searching for outdoor furniture. I have
an image in my mind (which can be good & bad),
so it may take awhile for me to
sniff out what I am needing. I took my Buddy out to the "job site" to see my folks Tuesday.
I spied this fiery orange tree on the way.
I had to get directions, and this is no doubt some of the most
fabulous property I have ever been on in these here parts.
I really, really, really (did I mention "I really"?)wanted to snap a picture of the house, but. . .
I felt like that would be kind-of like invading their privacy, maybe?
Since it was a fence job, not a Southern Living magazine photo shoot.
But I sooo really wanted to.
It was marvelous & stunning. . . .
like this tree on the
way in.
God's Creation is Marvelous & Stunning.


SheWolf said...

I LOVE the patio Tonia!!!!! It's AWESOME!

Jessica S. said...

LOVE the patio & LOVE LOVE LOVE that you post pictures of trees! I have several favorites right now in town but i never take the time to snap a picture!