Friday, November 12, 2010

{The Grill pulls double Duty}

Lily said, "Mom, I'm going outside!" "Okay!" I yelled from the bedroom. . . 15 minutes later. . . I check. . .and she has nestled herself in.
Plant stand serves as a stool. . .
Sunglasses on the head (love that).
Ramona in the shopping basket.
Barbies are talking up a storm. . . Wha they talkin' bout? Yikes!
All colors of the rainbow are available.
The Get-a-Way Car is ready to go. . .
Cat Key chain overseeing the project.
Baby taking a nap. Whew. All kids need a cell-phone right?
(That is a joke. I am being a smarty pants ~ That is one of the many phones I have managed to wreak havoc upon).
Project Complete. . . .with much help from plant stand, grill, crayons, Barbies, baby, car, watch cat, and of course, the cell phone.

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Jessica S. said...

how stinkn cute is that?! love it