Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{Just for Fun ~ Quiet Time ~ Diet Coke}

"The Front Seat" has a new story to tell today. . .

Just a little fun together,
when the sun is shining.

We all need some serious lessons, but I do believe you get more exercise when you don't have a clue how to play.

We are all over that court!
(and outside of the court for that matter)

I am not sure what to do with myself today. . .
I am having my very first "Nursery Life Group Leader" Fellowship at my house Friday night. I am a little nervous, but mostly excited. I am hoping to have a time we can all get together at least once every 3 months.
I need to clean.
I need to go to Sam's.
I need to do laundry.
I need to make some phone calls.
But I am going to do none-of-those-things right now.
I am going to go spend some time alone with God. and drink Diet Coke.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

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Jessica S. said...

LOL love this post! Breakfast of champions! Some Jesus and a good ol' diet coke!