Saturday, November 27, 2010

{Thanksgiving Afterglow}

Well, all. . . made it.
A 1 hour surgery became an over 3 hour surgery.
I found myself very anxious.
But he is okay.
Just a few request. . . pain pills, no light, little noise, and Mandi's Chocolate Cake.
Who in their right mind could complain about
Thanksgiving when you look at these
little faces?
Thanksgiving was just a little different this year. . .
and that's okay. I have. . .
A Very Mighty Savior.
Spunky Healthy kids.
A beating heart.
Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter.
A bruised and swollen, but faithful man who loves me.
A Crazy-Loving Family.
Friends I adore.
A roof, food, and some wheels.

Oh yes, and a very loyal dog in the backyard.
See? I'm okay.

1 comment:

SheWolf said...

So glad to hear the Mr. survived the surgery and all is well!