Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{The Coveted Cup}

Darby bought one.
And I did too.
These pictures tell-how-much-better-her-camera-is-too! Yikes.
Funny thing is, I got the next to the last one,
and after a phone call
& about 5 hours later
my good friend snagged the very-last-one.
I snagged an i-tunes card,
a slap-your-knee-funny-old-movie,
and some yummy
chocolate, and these three are complete.
The below nephew and 2 others are complete
thanks to whom??
Yes, Walgreen's has lovely gadgets that kids just need. Right?
Did I mention I was ALL alone today?
The Mr. had the 2 small ones
My sister-n-law had the oldest.
Shopping alone is a new concept.
Who knew how great it can be?

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