Monday, December 13, 2010

{A Gift}

Have I shown you my top hat atop my washer?
It ads some festivity to the laundry room.
I can always use some Cheer in my laundry room, and I don't mean the soap.
Sweet little bedtime girl showed me her
Christmas list she made at school today. I also adored her library book choice for the day.
She was sure to point out the dolphins swimming in the ocean to me.
Precious to be known and understood by your children.
The picture below is what I would like to bottle and keep forever.
Sweet smile.
Pink curlers in hair with no insecurities.
Toothless smile.
Reading about little animals curled up at bedtime beside their mommies.
Happy to be alive and spending time with me.
Speaking of bottling things up. . .
Clayton used to ask me to strap his sword
on his belt like my
Sweet Buddy did today.
One thing I know for sure about Motherhood. . .
each day with your child is a gift.

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Jessica S. said...

this post made me all emotional! =**) so sweet.