Monday, December 27, 2010

{Happy Holidays}

Lily's face really says it all.
Our Christmas was full of surprises and treats.
My cousin gifts went over like a dream.
So I will go ahead and give myself
an A+ on that.
I am going to give Buddy the prize for still being the most fun.
(You know, the older they get, the more pricey the items. And although absolutely ridiculous, as parents we go to greater lengths to appease them. BAH-HUM-BUG).
His favorite thing was the $2 laser gun from the DG that I dove behind the counter with so he wouldn't notice. Because the little fellow wanted it
Yep, the $2 gun topped the DSi.
The nephew that loves me.

These two have Video-Game-Lag at the moment. You ever heard of it?

This holiday stuff will end soon, and they will need to get the lead out.

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