Sunday, January 2, 2011

{Dogs & A Mouse}

Tomorrow its back to school.
Back to work.
Back to our little day-to-day routine.
My kids don't want to go back to school.
I remember that feeling.
Seems like life is going to come to and end over returning to school.
I have thought off & on about 2011. . .I love a fresh start.
I love that feeling.
Don't lemons just sing about freshness?
I think they do.
Like my new Lovely Little Lemon Keeper?
I am not a big water drinker, but I have discovered if I keep fresh lemons
on hand I enjoy water a tad more. That's a break-through, right?
My brother-n-law gave us some fresh grapefruit from none-other-than. . .
Florida. His dad is from there and was there over the holidays.
I am not a grapefruit eater, but The Mr. is.
I also have yet another dog to share with you.
The Mr. said
he ran him out of the garage this morning around 6 AM. . .
but tonight at around 7:26 PM he has taken up residence on the porch.
Funny thing is. . .I have these "crazy dog ownership thoughts" on occasion
(and then I water board myself until I come back to reality)
and I had decided a cocker spaniel it should be. . . weird.
But this story is much like the other one. . .It is obviously someones
dog because it has all the "taken care of" traits.
Soooo, we'll love on him and get real attached for about 3 days and
watch for the signs to go up.
Did I tell ya'll that the little white dog owner lost that dog again? They came to my
door looking for her? What kind of lady do they think I am?
How did I celebrate the beginning of 2011?
I purchased a new mouse. . .and some of you really know what a
party that really is!
Party Time!


Rachel said...

I'm so so happy you got a new mouse!! And the lemon keepers are adorable!

Stacy Carter said...

The dog thing cracks me up!!! It sure is cute!

~**Lacy**~ said...

I am ready for the kiddo to go back to school! Not sure if she is or not.. lol Your blog is so cute. I enjoy reading your random story and pictures!

Jessica S. said...

ok so i LOVE the lemon keeper/super cute bowl. lol
Also, if you do not find the owner of that dog let me know! my good friend just lost her cocker spaniel (he was hit by a car) and that little critter looks like a wonderful replacement. (but i do hope you find the owner)

meeksmiles33 said...

I saw that dog at your house this morning. It is beautiful!! I really can't believe you have another dog on the porch though!

SheWolf said...

Did the MR. give you my number? Wasn't sure what you needed?? Just give me a call if you still need something! :)

Tonia Hobbs said...

Mrs. Tara~ I just wanted to visit! BUT I havent stopped long enough to call! Lets talk soon.

Just Beachy said...

Oh that dog is precious ....looks just like my old dog