Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{I took the little guy. . .}

in the middle with his eyes closed to the doctor today.
He has THE FLU.
Yes, I repeat Space Rangers, the FLU.
Since we are talking about bad things, let me tell you the idiot thing I did today . . .
Remember my new neighbors I mentioned while back? Well, not the ones
right next door, but actually to my left (facing my house) couple doors down?
Anyways, I stopped and talked to her the other day.
She shows up today on my doorstep.
To exchange phone numbers.
and kids names. . . and ages (all very important for Summertime Fun).
I mention my son having THE FLU.
and here's where it gets bad. . .
I left her standing on the porch.
And I say to myself, "Self, What would have been the harm in inviting her into the foyer?"
I am just embarrassed for me.


Jasmin said...

pretty sure that's what we have at our house. Dr didn't swab b/c it was too late for tamiflu so really didn't matter. Jos is miserable though, I hate it. Hope he gets better soon!!

Jessica S. said...

hope buddy gets better ASAP!!