Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{10:08 am}

As most of you know, I have an Accountability Partner
for the Spiritual Dept. of my life for years.
(someone who makes sure you walk-the-walk and not just talk-the-talk),
and I have another lady in my life that I have asked if she would help me in
the Physical Dept. . . what was I thinking?
I told her I would join a gym. . . by Wednesday.
I didnt join Monday.
I didnt join Tuesday.
Crap. . . it's Wednesday.
I will see my dear friend in less than 7 hours. . .
What to do?
Eat Crow?
Join the Gym?
(BTW, I cant get the "spellcheck" to work and I am typing in all kinds of hurry!) Love.Me.Anyways.

1 comment:

SheWolf said...

JOIN THE GYM! :) You will love it...I am in a 5:00 a.m. class with Meredith 3 days a week and it is kicking my rear, but after it's over, I feel SO much better! Which gym?