Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Back in Business}

After a long night at the vet
we are back in commission today.
K-9 Remy was in Fayetteville yesterday being re certified
during his bite work he broke a tooth off.
(Um, thinking that was a hard bite. Yikes!)
After the help of 2 vets, all is well.
Thank you so much to Dr. N Coston for staying up so late
for a root canal! Brad so appreciated all he did for him.
I didn't think this little guy felt well. . .
sure enough today he is running fever.
See the dog (right side) on the couch?
That is Meredith Efurds dog. . . how cute is she?!

1 comment:

SheWolf said...

Yeah for Remi! And Addi and Miss Mer are both quite the cuties!