Monday, February 21, 2011

{Chirst-Following Women are not Powerless}

Just a snippet for you from my last Bible Study. . .

We're not powerless.  In fact, we have the tremendous opportunity to choose between using our strong influence for good or for evil.  Christ-following women have already received God's grace and enabling to wield often unseen but significant influence in our nation's homes, communities, work places, and most importantly, before God's throne.

How are we using the power, or the influence, we already have?

By God's grace. . .
  • we have the power to share the gospel with a needy world.
  • we have the power to forgive those who have wronged us and to give grace to those who don't deserve it.
  • we have the power to offer deep joy to our families.
  • we have the power to love others who are different from us.
  • we have the power to care to for bereaved, single parents and their children, the sick, the dying, those who cannot give back, and those who have left to follow Christ.
  • we have the power to protect others' reputations by holding our tongues.
  • we have the power to bless others with what we say.
  • we have the power to help others change through loving guidance and, when necessary, even confrontation.
  • we have the power to use our gifts to God's glory.
  • we have the power to help develop children into well-adjusted human beings (whether they're our own or others')
  • we have the power to speak boldly on behalf of the persecuted church.
  • we have the power to change society through vote and voice.
  • we have the power to be gentle, kind, and humble.
  • we have the power to give away power so others can develop their potential.
  • we have the power to pray and thus call upon our loving Father, who places all the power in the universe at our disposal if we pray within His will.
I was left with this question. . .
How am I using the power I have?

The hightlited ones are some that really "hit home" and sometimes I struggle with or have opportunities to do everyday. . .


SheWolf said...

Love your highlighted one...thank you. :)
Just what I they have the study at bookstore? Lifeway?

Tonia Hobbs said...

I do believe so! The highlighted ones kick me in the rear!