Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Student of the Month - Control Freak}

 Here we are at the Student of the Month Breakfast.
 We are so proud of Lily this year. . .
She hasn't stolen anything (she really like Mrs. Barkers counting blocks last year)
Her handwriting is beautiful.
She has managed to be able to sit by Caylee (one of her bestest friends) all year long.
 The pinning.
 The nametag.
 Signing in with Dad. (all of the above three are in perfectly incorrect order)
 We are looking a little unhappy? But basically just. . .
Why is mom making me take my picture beside this?

Here is where the control freak part comes in. . .
I let my kids pick out their own clothes on this particular day. . .
Hot Pink Socks + Green Pants + Teal Shirt = Lily
Shorts + T-shirts + 36 degree weather = Clayton
But, I am practicing "picking my battles".
I know its pretty easy right now.
I know it is going to grow more difficult as they get older.
So. . . I am practicing.
Big Gulp.Big Lump in Throat.
But as you can see in the pictures. . . I did not say a word.
They sported just what they wanted to.
All is well. Good student trumps matching clothes any ole' day in my book.


Erin said...

I battle every single day with Evan about wearing shorts to school. We finally made a rule, if it is 50 or above he can wear shorts, 50 or below, no way! This morning it was 49 and I thought he was going to DIE because we said NO. He was going to totally BURN UP at school today:)So, I totally get the picking your battles. I feel like we were very generous with 50, and now I'm stickin' to it!!!

Barb said...

She is clearly a fashion trend setter. Love it!