Saturday, March 5, 2011

{I have always wanted to go.}

 and my sweet friend Mandi took me.I almost stopped breathing at first, it was just the smell of candles and antiques. . . do you know that smell? And not just any store has it.
 The more I looked, I was able to calm down.  While everything was very pleasing to the eye,
 I struggled to figure out what in the world I could possible buy and make it look
 like something in my house?? 
 Although, I could have managed to place this lamp.
 Overall, a really good sight to see, but what was around the
corner was even better. I will share that later. . .  
This bike out front was kinda' like a "cherry on top" to me.


Barb said...

You brought back memories; the first trip my husband and I ever took together was to New Orleans' Fench Quarter for his Tulane class reunion and homecoming game. Back then I couldn't believe how excited Southerners got over a college football game (little did I know). That was twenty years ago... time goes by fast when you're having fun!

P.S. I'm lovin' the bike too. :-)

Mom2Three said...

Oh my!! I might need to go look at that....looks lovely for some inspiration!