Friday, April 1, 2011

{Don't Judge}

What to do today?
Kids are out of school, but I just didn't sleep a wink last night.
The Mr. was out looking for the missing boy, I started out in our bed, I would've gone
to the couch but it is covered in laundry (completely covered), so I  
ended up in Lily's bed. Which was fine because she was in our bed. Mercy.
I finally caught some zzzzz's but I really don't know what time it was.
So with all that being said I am off to a slow start this morning.
Good news is, I cleaned my entire house top to bottom yesterday.
Bad news?
That laundry on the couch. 
I am going to start with a. . .
Splash of cold water to the face.
Diet coke.

Oh yes, the necklace is a lovely birthday gift from her.  Beach-E love to me.
I want my friends to sign-up for the date night.
I will be calling you people.
I want us to sit together.
I noticed this friend already signed up. Good times.

Okay! I'm off to start my day. . . .even though it is already 9:54.
Don't Judge.

Pray for Colton.

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