Friday, May 27, 2011

{more like HIM}

 She is one of the pastors of this church in Chicago.  I was able to meet Jeanne when I went to Atlanta.  She was an amazing speaker, and her love for the Lord oozes from her from her "soul".

  She served at a very large church before starting Soul City. . . and when I say large, I mean Willow Creek.  Mega Church.  She told a story about a lady she served with.  She said they could not get along.  .  .  "even if I was in Heaven with this lady, and God put us in this huge sand box to play. . .we would fight!"
One day she sat down with her pastor and he told her she needed to go back to school. 
(after he separated the two of them in different ministries)
She thought, wow, alright, I can do that. that school.was.
(Behavior, Moral or ethical strength, A description of a person's attributes, traits, or abilities etc)

Although, at the time it was a very swift blow.
She looks back and thanks God for his honesty and leadership.

Today I am thankful for the Godly leadership and mentors in my life.
I have been in that chair across from my pastor.
sometimes it hurts. . .but I am thankful.
God uses people that rub you like sandpaper to mold you and make you.
more like HIM.

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meeksmiles33 said...

Thanks for sharing! Needed the last statement!