Friday, May 13, 2011

{People talking just to hear their own Voice}

When I was in Atlanta we heard NEEDTOBREATHE.
(I was joking with Jacque, Lori, and Jasmine that he is like a Christian Kid Rock. . . Love him!)
Today I was thinking about their song Washed By The Water.
 (I tried to share from YouTube. . . but no luck)

This song is about his father.
Obviously a very hard and hurtful time in his life.
Rumors. about his dad.
"People started talking just to hear their own voice". . .
Later, he said it surfaced that they were not true. 
He said his father remained amazingly dignified and faithful to Lord.
Great Story.
Great Song.
Great testimony.

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SheWolf said...

Thanks for sharing the story behind that song!!! LOVE Needtobreathe and that song!