Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Today is the last day of School}

The last day of school looked very different around here. . . 
Clayton slept in and had no desire to go.
Lily was up and ready to go! 
They are going to play Minute to Win It with
Mrs Leonard's class today. 
Have I talked to you about her new little short hair do?
Whhyyy, I don't think I have. . .I will later. 
There is "Doctor Cop Stew".
That is what we call him.
I am not sure why.
Lily gave him that lovely name. 
He greets her most every morning and comments on her hair bows.
His favorites are the green ones.

Good-bye 2nd grade! From Lily
Good-bye 4th grade! From Clayton

Hello Summer! From Me

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