Monday, July 11, 2011

{An Itchy Rash}

Hello Monday.  I start out my week with a few extra pills to take and cream to apply.
I have been feeling super yucky, but after my second dose of antibiotics I am
already feeling better.  
The Mr. started his 2 week Annual Training Sunday so he will be extra tired, especially
being out in this heat!
We are going to go on vacation, but I really am thinking we might wait until September.
I don't like crowds so much.
I don't like the heat so much either.
So perhaps we will wait a tad bit longer.
Baseball tonight.
Dentist today.
Mug Shot picture tomorrow for church website.
Play date here and a Play date there.
a dash of work here and a tad sprinkled there.
I have a pretty productive week planned.
What about you?

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