Thursday, July 14, 2011

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I am happy to report I am feeling much better.  I am still medicated, and a
tad scratchy but my "itchy rash" seems to be under control.  So, in lou of
feeling better we went to VBS last night (or VHS as my new phone likes to recognize it as).
It was family VBS, which was different, but what joy floods your soul when you see
first hand, your children learning about the Lord!  It was just a super time.
The "craft" last night was cookie mix to be delivered to a neighbor, home bound, but
hopefully someone who needs to hear the Good News (well, we all need the Good News, but you know what I mean). As you can see the plan of salvation is on the tag.  We have been having
the best discussions (teachable moments) about who we will take our mix to.
Other thoughts. . . love.this.cleaner.
Use it on everything. Give it a try.
You cant beat antibacterial nor Windex. 
Little Miss Lily broke out her new Easy Bake last night with high hopes of
baking some warm delicious brownies in those lovely little metal pans.
But who knew the must-have 100 watt lite bulb wasn't included?
Well. . . someone that reads the box might know that, but this was
a swell birthday gift from her Aunt D. Rouse so I have a grand excuse.

I just wish I would've noticed prior to the hype. 
I kinda' sorta gave up on my hopes to always have fresh lemons for my water.
So I have purchased some ReaLemon. Highly effective and good. 
Some other Summer Staples in the frig have been:
MAYO with Olive Oil (did you know OO is good for your nails? Take a look at mine in the cookie dough pic. . . not sayin' its workin' a miracle for me, but perhaps it will for you.)
Dill Relish. LOVE.
Did y'all hear Yarnells is going out of business?
Seen it on facebook!!
(Lord, help us all. . . I feel like either say that or hear someone say that a million times a day.) 
I think it is time to put away my "4th" frames, but I wanted to 
share them first (probably did last year too). 
I am very loyal and predictable that way.
Talk soon.

My kids are OUTSIDE playing!  I didn't think it was going to happen this summer.
Thank you Lord for the cooler temps!

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