Thursday, August 18, 2011

{The Mommy Gig}

My little Buddy was the first one to hop out of bed this morning.  He had his
clothes laid out in perfect form the night before.  It was just precious.
After I dropped off the kiddos, I went to the gym.
I found myself just sitting on the edge of the weight bench. . . missing Buddy. 
After the gym and a quick shower I headed to Ft Smith to deliver a baby gift.
I swung in Brooken Hill for some coffee, and seen Ronald.
Ronald made me think of who? Yes. Buddy. 
Got a pedicure. Soaked my feet as I stared at the
 chair Buddy would always sit in while he waited
for me.  I wanted to stop in the antique store, but I just couldn't do it. 
Buddy and I always talk and talk while we shop.
He would always try on all the hats we would find. 
I passed up that torture and headed for the Christian book store.
It should be harmless and I shouldn't see anything that would cause a major melt-down.
I browsed at all the books (one of my most favoritest things to do).  I stumbled upon
The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby. Really? 
 Maybe its about baby care. or baby this. or baby that.
BUT I work in a church nursery and Christian women don't need any instructions on how to have
babies.  They do it quite well. I bet lost people think Christians need a book for everything.
We do. . . but its 1 book. . . called The Bible.
I spotted every single mans battle.
Isn't that what our men are doing on Wednesday Nights?
 I purchased a GIANT PRINT BIBLE. I adore it.
And since I am blind it is going to make my quiet times much
more effective. I can only squint for so long.
I need to purchase this, and those of you who are in Bible Study with me
know that I cant purchase any more books until I read the 5 I have going.
Per R. Deal. So I will keep this in my memory. Nevermind, I don't have a memory.
So, I guess my attitude will need to improve without reading a book about it.
Well, just when I thought I was safe. . .I heard VeggieTales.
I missed Buddy.
I have decided for sure this "Mommy Gig" aint getting any easier. . .

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Jessica S. said...

Bless your heart Tonia!! *hugs*