Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Speaking of. . .}

This Summer has been miserably hot.
I don't know if it is the heat (which no doubt has been abnormal), or
the fact that I am getting older and it bothers me more.
These words would have never come 
come out of my mouth when I was younger (I suppose), but
Oh, how I hope we even will have a FALL. 
 It kinda goes WINTER/SUMMER.
Fall and Spring seem to be getting lost in the shuffle.
Speaking of shuffle this fire caused many of us to do just that. 
The hot and dry conditions (and a little help from some bottle rockets) caused this fire.
Yes, this is my neighborhood.
Yes, it was a little to close for comfort.
(Fire photos courtesy of my children) 
A family did lose their home, but thankfully no lives were lost.
Thank you Lord!
Random "out to eat" photo just for fun. 
Speaking of fun, we recently attended a brother and sister birthday combo! 
Hudson and Lauren Meeker turned another year older together. 
And my Buddy Boy enjoyed a cupcake.
Yummy Fun!

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