Thursday, September 8, 2011

{My Florida Assessment}

A rainy day in Florida. . . is still a day in Florida.
Tropical Storm Lee was not too bad, but he took good care of my picture taking!
My sweet husband tried to help me make it happen, but it was pretty brutal.
My little camera couldn't take the elements, but my Sweetie Shannon
graciously allowed me to borrow her "Dream Camera", and she is trying
to salvage what we did manage to shoot. 
Our room was wonderful this year.
Although, I dont know if I will stay in Destin again.
The weather allowed us to do more exploring (and antiquing), so we ventured further
down 30-A, and I scouted out my next place to set up my beach chair.
Grayton Beach is beautiful.
Seaside was dreamy as ever.
Rosemary makes me speechless.
Alys is amazing.
We didnt soak up much Florida sun, but we still spent our days at the beach.
It was a cozy trip, after the hot miserable summer we had, I really didnt mind the weather.
(other than pictures)
Do y'all turn into someone you dont know when you are trying to take family pictures???

After beach & shower, I would cozy up in my sweatshirt and we would head out to eat.
We ate at all our favorite fish places, and tried a new restaurant.
Bubba Gumps. Y'all been there?
They do Forrest Gump trivia at the table.
The Mr. got them all right. 
 I was wondering if I had really seen the movie (a million times).
The kids still were able to do their diggin',
and I dug my toes in the sand. 
Rain or Shine, Florida is still my Sweet Spot.

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Jessica S. said...

ahhh this makes me miss the beach! we always go to Destin I haven't ever been anywhere else, but the new spot you found sounds pretty nice may have to try it out next time! I am SO glad you got to go and recharge your batteries =)