Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Nice days are good things.}

The Mr and I had such a good day! We kinda' needed it. . .
I don't know if he has been over-tired  or stressed, but something. . .
I wanted to go to the Speck-O-Farm to make sure the gates were closed (deer hunters),
and after we did that we decided to drive to Blue Mountain. Since Brad isn't from
here he doesn't know about all the lovely water holes on this side of AR.
(He isnt real impressed with our local spots since he came from lake heaven). 
We ended up at Mt Magazine Lodge.
(What a smile!)
Have you been there?
We loved it! 
We ate lunch at the restaurant.
We were seated at the most perfect little
table for two in the corner. 
What a view!!! 
(Little tidbit from the bathroom)
Love that saying.
Can you imagine sitting everyday on the porch watching the leaves turn more and more golden?
What a perfect dream.
We hope to go back and stay a night or two or three. 
Brad thought the Governor might have been there today because the State Police helicopter
picked someone up with a security detail. 
We really had a nice day.
We talked.
And I did my best NOT to talk about the kids or work.
Have you ever tried  to do that? 
Be intentional and try it.
(Many of the marriage books advise it)
It can be a challenge. . . for me anyways. 
I am very thankful for today.
It was nice.
Nice days are good things.

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Jasmin said...

Did you go in the "Lloyd George" wing?? That's my grandpa :) When he was in office in the State House of Reps the Lodge was his biggest project. He worked for years on getting it built and was really proud of it! Such a beautiful place and always makes me think of him.