Saturday, November 12, 2011

{Halloween 2011 Argh Mateys!}

Eek! Boo! I love Halloween! So much fun to be had!
Perhaps its because the past few years we have went to "MAWS" (aka Every ones Grandma -no real relation or The Grandma Covet. . .either one), we look forward to a good visit and good eats.
It really is the largest spread of food next to the Golden Corral.
It is wonderful! The Mr. looks forward to it every year.
She is so gracious to invite us! 
After full bellies we head off to TRICK-R-TREAT.
The past couple of years we have gone to Forest Hills, but it
was so crowded last year so we ventured off in . . . our own neighborhood! Who woulda' thought?
It was really fun!
The Grand Finale was stopping at Dr Whites (for various reasons. wink, wink! R. Grigg), Lily
said he gave the "best" and "most" candy. Cute. 
Well, here they are!
A Blond Bombshell which turned many heads. (I no longer know who my son is. . . really.)
A Honey Bee (with quite a sting!)
A Pirate! (The $2.50 Goldmine Costume purchased at 3:30 on Halloween)
Argh Mateys!!!

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