Saturday, January 14, 2012

{God Bless Us Everyone! Christmas Carol 2011}

I was a little caught off guard when
The Mr. came home and said,
"Oh, by the way, I signed us up for that play". . .and I am
so glad he did! 
No doubt it was a huge commitment, but it was
such a blessing! I loved being around all the cast, and
once I got over my stage fright and purple dress (that I looked like Barney in)
I enjoyed it so much! 
Sweet Jessica and Jennifer curled Lily's hair.
This was right up her alley!
She loved having big fluffy curls and wearing make-up. 
It is hard to tell what any of them are thinking in
the above photo, but the kids loved being apart too. 
It was drill weekend so I didn't get any pictures of The Mr.
He would fly in and do his "part" and zoom back off. . .very busy man, ya know? 
But he looked very swell.
We would love to do something like this again.
It is a great opportunity! 
I hope the community enjoyed it, and
of course the most important  
part and the real reason was having an opportunity to  
present The Gospel.   
My Sweet Mom. 
Lily Girl. 
Until next year. . . 
God Bless Us Everyone!

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Jessica S. said...

AWW!!! Love those pictures of us. She's such a sweet girl, i was so excited that i got to spend some time with her!!