Thursday, February 9, 2012

{All While Sipping A Cherry ICEE}

Hello, how are you today?  I am pausing between pecks today trying to decide how "blah"
I want to be with you!  Nobody likes a "Debbie Downer". . . but I just feel kinda' blah.  And
I know I hear an "AMEN!" because I know many of my friends have been experiencing the same
 "blah-ness" whether it be due to health, their families health, work, kids, etc. 
So how about a toast to TGIF tomorrow? Cheers!!! (With Sweet Tea of Course)
How about THE VOW at 7:35 Malco.  This girl is there with The Mr. Come join us!

 Random Free Information. . . The above picture is my most favorite outfit at the moment.
(minus about 75 lbs, but we'll talk about that another day) 
I found the Greatest Green Balls this week.
  I didn't know what to do with them, so for now they will be jarred up. 
This candle warms my heart.
 It smells of something amazing cooking in the kitchen. . .
 (even though there isn't) 
After this week Remy will no longer hop in the back of the police car.
 It does make me emotional (I know it sounds weird to most), and it
really has made The Mr. emotional (although he hasn't let it show to me much). 
 When he was promoted his roles changed and he isn't able to be a handler anymore (I am guessing that is why. . . lol . . I get very little out of him concerning his job. . .or any other nook and cranny of his thoughts for that matter).  But the dog is in the backyard, so I know something is up!  He will remain
with us (many complicated reasons he cant go to another handler etc), and Pippin will be the
new K-9 officer.  I am happy for him and anxious to meet his new dog from Von Klien Stein. Having a working dog is really a neat experience for your family.  They are a huge responsibility and much work, but they are the most loyal and amazingly obedient dogs on the planet.
I am proud of The Mr. he makes me CrAzY, but he is a good-good man.  I feel a prayer coming on. . .

As husband and wife we don't want to be taking separate roads.  We want to be on the same path together.  We want to be deeply compatible, lifelong companions, and have the love that lasts a lifetime.  Prayer, as the ultimate love language, can make that happen.

There are times when we are just to listen and not offer advice, to support and not offer constructive criticism.  If you do have to say words that are hard to hear, ask God to help you discern when your husband would be most open to hearing them.  Pray for the right words and for his heart to be totally receptive.

Its baseball sign-up time and Buddy couldn't be more excited. But Clayton is undecided. . . leaning more towards "no" than "yes".  Where is the parenting manual that I received when I left the hospital? Oh, that's right,I didn't get one!  Should I push? Should I not push?  Should I sign him up, not tell him, and spring it on him first practice day? Who knows?  I have this image of him on the bleachers at Buddy's 2nd or 3rd game saying, "I wish I would've played."  And then. . . my heart will start pumping fast, my blood will slowly start to simmer until it comes to a full blown boil, and then. . . my head will spin around. . . all while sipping a Cherry ICEE.

We'll see. Isnt life full of twist and turns?

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Katie said...

Love your blog posts! So much inspiration and so much funny!