Monday, February 27, 2012

{Hey! Read a Book! What a concept!}

Recently Lily made "The Worlds Largest Collage". 
 She had so much fun! I gave her free reign over my magazines and she
cut to her hearts content. 
Have I have mentioned my "NO TV or VIDEO GAMES"
during the week rule?. . . I dont think I have? 
 We have been doing this for about a month.
At first. . . it WAS a challenge. . .you do homework. . . dinner. . .
 you look at the clock and say, "Oh dear, its only 6:30, now what?"

BUT as the days and weeks have passed it has gotten much easier and
my kids dont really even think about it. 
 (Daylight longer will really help my cause too).
Their grades have improved, and it is much easier for me to keep up
because they are remembering to tell me things. The Mr. and I both noticed Clayton
miraculously started having homework after we implemented this rule. Sometimes
the days and weeks seem to just run together due to business!  Crazy business.
(If Satan Cant Make You Mean - He Will Make You Busy)

But I feel like I have more time with my kids.
 Even though we would all be home at the same, in the same house,
it didnt really make us "together". Does that make any sence?
Anyways. . .
It has been a good thing for our family.
If things go well Mon, Tues, Wed they can earn a
"Fast Pass" to Friday and have Movie Night on Thursday.
Media Withdrawl is so worth hearing the kids laugh, talk, play games, and. . .
 read a book!
What a concept!

P.S. Word Searches are fun ( I now know what I will be doing in the rest home)! Do one with your kiddos. They will love it!

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Jessica S. said...

love the no media during the week thing!! what a great idea. We cancelled our satellite service in december of last year and i haven't missed it at all! you really do get more quality time with your family without the tv distacting everyone!