Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Bathing Boredom; SERVE more than you SOAK}

Happy Saturday Evening! Are you home? Doing nothing? So funny, but I
have felt so bored tonight, so I took a long bath.   I always feel convicted about "The Two B's"!
Because there is always someone whom needs a phone call or a visit. 
In my bathing, bored state I resorted to facebook and that doesn't help matters either!
You start feeling like you are the
only person on the planet that is home. . . alone. . . taking care of children.
Others seem to be on planes, trains, boats, and just having nine-kinds-of-fun.
BUT. . . we all know  that is Satan being his sneaky, ugly demon self.
 #1 I am not alone.
#2 I am just where I need and want to be.
 I decided to take this alone time to read (I finished up James)
and pray for my friends and family.  I have been especially praying for The Mr.
His friend Ric told me he has no idea what he signed up for. . . but this
is Ric's 3rd year, so that is somewhat comforting.
My birthday was peaceful and fun. I headed out to town early with the kiddos.
I treated myself to some photo framing.
I treated myself to some new shampoo.
I treated myself to some Olive Garden.
I came home to sweet gifts, cards, and dinner from my "College Students" (which are sweet friends).
AND I looked back AND realized I spent my last birthday with these great kiddos
AND The Mr. was . . . . MIA. . . 
Today we spent time tidying up the house.  Do you make your kids do chores?
What kind of chores?
My kiddos do many. A little bit of everything. Dusting. Laundry. Cooking.
(See that can of dusting polish? It was full. . . it is now empty. . . we had a little lesson on amount needed to get the job done). Bless his heart.
I put out my little Spring Easter Chicks. Can you believe Easter is almost
here? I love Easter. It is a tad complicated when you work/serve at
your church but teaching my kids to SERVE more than they SOAK is
the most excellent choice in my opinion. 
I picked up this book at the Solid Rock yesterday.  It does appear to be a tad
juvenile. But I am looking for simple.  Regardless of the age appropriateness of the whole thing
it will still lead to learning.  Do you ever say, "Do you have homework?" AND they say, "No."
and you say, "Good deal!(and think Hallelujah)". BUT I have trained my
kids to never say "no" because we can always study and read.  I am also going to start including "Quiet Time" in that equation also.  They have Quiet Times but not real constantly, and I haven't really known how and when the best time was.  I think right now evening at "homework time" will work best. 
Oh, how I wish I would've been encouraged to spend time with God everyday when I was little.  I was in church and all, but the real relationship has come much later than I wish it would've.  I want it to be part of their everyday lives and not a constant challenge to make time like it still can be for me. 
I want it to be like. . . Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Read Bible. Ya' know?
Starting young.  Staying consistent. 
 Hopefully that will help them. 
During my bath I enjoyed my sweet tea as you can see.
And my new shampoo smells lovely.
I thought you should know those things.
Talk Soon!


Amber said...

I am so glad that you had a great birthday, and just so you know I was bored tonight, too.

Katie said...

You are right on the money about the facebook thing, my friend I am so glad to know I am not alone! So glad to hear you had a good day! You deserve it :)