Monday, March 26, 2012

{The Goodness of God}

We all talk about things that are "good". . .
Good Movies. Good Food.  Good Work-out.  Good Talk.  Good Friend.  Good Times.
Good Day.  Good. . . Good. . . Good, but nothing compares to the Goodness of God.
Seeking to be more like Him is Good.
His Fruit is Good.
His Word is Good.
His Plans are Good. 
His Timinig is Good.
Being Used by God & Seeing Him work in other people lives is one of my most
favorite things.

Today by 11:41 I have experienced God's Goodness. . .

#1 My friend Phyllis brought me a cake.  I was able to throw my arms around her neck!  That was the goodness of it all!  Her heart is full of nothing but Gods Pure Goodness. God's love oozes from her.  It is very evident to me (even if she didn't bring me cake).
#2 I received an encouraging e-mail from our Children's Minister which I will copy & paste to share with you too.

Just a word of encouragement for you today:
God has designed powerful, productive lives for His people. Our lives are to be God’s expressions of His magnificent creativity. He will lead us to engage in activities that honor Him, that help others, & that deepen understanding of His will and Word. Each believer is a living stone (1 Peter 2:5) Each believer is a shrine, w/in whom God the owner walks, anticipating the day of completion!! Amen

Jacque Gordon
FBC Children’s Minister

Acts 17:28 By His power we live and move and exist….for we are His children

God is so Good. All the Time.


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