Saturday, March 3, 2012

{It's Good to be KING}

Thursday was Round 2 on my legs. It was not near as bad this time! Shots
above the knee hurt way more (I am thinkin').
  Some have asked, "Now what are you having done?"
The answer is. . . I really don't know.  I had a vein that kept swelling and getting hot.  It was painful
and frightening.  The next thing I know I am having all sorts of veins lasered and removed. . .This was my second laser (insert laser inside of vein and as they pull it out, the laser burns it).  My next procedure (next Thursday) they will remove the entire vein.
Some say its better. . . some say its worse.  We'll see. 
In the meantime, thanks to my friends, I have been eating like a KING.  Not a Queen,
a KING.  My mom has been helping me here at the house, and that is always so nice.
Comfort food at it's finest 
thanks to Debbie Brown.  I will try to share more of my sweet treats soon. 
In other news. . . meet Miranda.  She is "Greenwood's Newest Finest"
(I made that up myself). 
She is so pretty and her hair is soft.  I am not sure if soft hair was
a deciding factor in the picking process, but I noticed her hair. 
Pippin brought her by the house on his way home from Little Rock.
He was excited, and I know The Mr. is happy for him. 
Changes. . . .

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