Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{I just might.}

I received an unexpected phone call last week from my Sweet Friend
in North Carolina, Elaine. Pitter Patter.  Her and her husband are road-tripping
and today 
we had lunch. It was so good to see her. So good. I miss her like
crazy.  She is a warm cozy blanket friend. She brought me tulips and
I gave her "The Smell of Spring". 
After lunch we came back to my house. . . and chatted while
we folded the mound of laundry on my couch.
(Slightly mortifying. . . but she knows me. . . and loves me anyway) 
I wanted to share with you my "Beach Bowl". 
It is a lovely addition to my kitchen counter, I think. 
Call me crazy, but before long I might sit it on the floor 
and dig my toes down in it.
I just might.

1 comment:

Jessica S. said...

i love love love your beach bowl. =) so pretty.