Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Little Jumper}

We are playing ball! 
Carson is. And he is having so much fun! Can I just say "extra curricular activities"
are sooooo much easier and enjoyable when your kids are older.  I have heard
pastors, parent coaches, even older parents talk about waiting until your kids
get older to sign them up for dance, sports, or what-not.  Can I just say. . . so true.
The poor kids don't know what they are doing when they are itty-bitty (for heavens sake).
Us parents are yelling from the stands like mad people trying to get them to perform.
Just my  opinion. . . Save your time. Save your sanity. Wait.
 Clayton stuck to his guns and continues to say he doesn't want to play.
He is able to help with Carson, so all is well.
 At Bible Study Tuesday Rae realized that Miranda got a trampoline. . . 
 so as you can see. . . Rae is a little jumper.
(Rae & I)
When I looked at this picture I couldn't help but notice my hand on Rae's shoulder.
Is is significant to me because Rae has allowed me to put much on her
shoulders at times.  I appear to almost have a grip on her (lol!), and
hey, maybe I do. . . she is my mentor. She has taught me so many
things over the years, and continues to call me out when necessary. . . .and
it is necessary. . . often.

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Amber said...

I think your advice on sports is great! From experience, I can say burn out happens fast when you start playing at 4! Also, Rae is a great mentor and I miss bible study(even though I only went one summer):)