Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Dear Age 12,}

I recently tried another Pinterest recipe.  Delish' I must say. Mexican Pizzas.
Fun little treat at the Sugar Shack. 
I guess "Poop" is a big deal?
I will stick with my Pina Colada.
I past this chair up at TJ's. . . I am not sure if I should have.
Its haunting me. I really do like. 
The Mr. took me to the JennyLind Auction on Friday Night.
Hands down best date EVER.
(minus a Nicholas Sparks Movie)
I was in my element!
I see the importance of pre-shopping. It is seriously crowded so if you go
early in the day you can see what you are bidding on.
Clayton getting his Physical for FASDOGS.
Which he loved.
Got the t-shirt (very important). 
Dear Age 12, where is my sweet smiley easy going boy?
Please return him immediately.
Little Miss Lily is cheering this year. Here we are a
cheer camp in the Old Rock Gym. . .it was 105 in there.
Lily is yellow shirt, 2nd row, hands on her hips girl!
Lord help me! 
I am not sure about "cheer world".
I will let you know when I get in a little deeper.
Talk Soon.
Love, Tonia

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