Monday, September 17, 2012

{I have some "Want-to"!}

Monday Morning. . .
Great so far!
Dropped the kids off at school.
I was intentional with my conversations on the way.
Went to WalMart.
Dinner in the crock-pot.
I have dusted my desk. . . well, at the moment its more of a Mr. Desk.
I bought him some freshly sharpened pencils and a 3-ring binder.
All of which he mentioned last night and I delivered in less than 24 hours.
Hows that for taking care of my man. . . hey, its the little things around here.
I have his books all stacked neatly and a basket for his scratch paper and folders.
I am in the market for the perfect set of book-ends.  I must say I have
never been in the market for book-ends. But I love to hunt for home goods so
this should be fun.
My legs are still sore but looking less like I was in a car accident.
Speaking of car accident. . . got my car back and they did a swell job.
I am back on the road.
 I love this rain.
I love this rain.
I love this rain.
Pumpkins are out at Sharums.  I nearly ran off the road gawkin'.
Mums at WalMart look hearty I must say.  I didnt make any purchases just yet. . .
I am waiting for my perfect "Fall Get-a-Way Day". (I come up with that myself).
My day will look like this. . .
Something Pumpkin to drink.
Antique Shoppes.
Mum Purchase.
Cinnamon Cider Purchase.
It will be swell indeed.
Well, I am going to make my bed, start a load of clothes, and vacuum my bedroom.
Then off to work I go.
Oh how thankful I am that I am up and around.  When you feel bad and everything
seems like such a chore and struggle, it really makes you appreciate being able to
do around with some "want-to"!

Have a wonderful day!

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into
His courts with praise, Be thankful to Him, and bless
His name.  Psalm 100:4

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Katie said...

Oh your "fall get away day" sound so fun! May have to arrange one for myself :)