Friday, November 9, 2012

{He Has Already Won}

Its almost Turkey Time! Look at my Sweet Little K Turkey! I cant
believe how big his is getting.  He is loving 1st Grade.  Mrs. Barker is a dream.
Oh, I am so thankful for a teacher that loves the Lord. . . and my child.
I cant remember if I shared my latest antique find?? 
  In the most perfect handwriting that
was obviously from an older lady full of wisdom it said, "Perfect for a breakfast
table or desk." And perfect it has been for The Mr. to do his school work.
 It is full of books and papers.  
The Mr. is doing well in school.  He is working so hard.  Can I just say going back to
school is a challenge.  Working full time, kids, etc. . . and school. . .Whew! 
(Meaning he has had very little recreation time. . .like the above photo)
SO. PROUD.  Lily has done so well at school this year! Its been such a
breath of fresh air!  She did well in 3rd grade, but everything just seemed hard and confusing.
This year she is a STAR tutor, doing great in Math, and just signed up for the new Drama Team??
Last but not least. . . I was really sad.  I have my faith.  I know who is control.
I know who the one true leader to follow. . . but . . . I was sad.
More like. . . devastated.  Okay. . . I am going to be brutally honest. . . I cried.
BUT God isn't and wasn't surprised.
I find peace in knowing
He has already won this battle.

Press On.  Press On.

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Katie said...

aLOVE reading about your kiddos :) ok and your antique finds ;)