Friday, December 21, 2012

{It's Christmas Time}

What a week.
The flu has hit "the baby"
honestly I cant help but be thankful after turning on the news.
Heartbreak. Absolutely heartbreaking.
I welcome it after seeing coffin after coffin going in the ground.
Children being killed is about more than this girl can stand.
What in the world can we do? It is a big task. A really big job.
People sure are trying to figure it out.
Day after day. Everyday, I am reminded of the hope we have. . .
comes from the Lord. His promises.

I am ready for Christmas Break!
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. (My absolute favorite)
Jesus Birthday. (reading the story of His birth)
No school. (Hopefully no bored or fighting kids)
The excitement of Christmas morning. (New Toys! and Gadgets!)
Food. (more consumed in one day than should be in a week)
Family. (Love our Family Time)

I hope you all are doing well!  I am looking forward to starting the New Year blogging! I am really missing all of you! I miss Darby! and am loving Miss Dixie!

Talk soon!
Love y'all!

Christmas Confession. . . I didn't do Christmas Cards this year.

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